An Exercise In Exploration

An Exercise In Exploration

“I would love to design an autonomous motorbike. Design for the exhilaration of letting go, rather than holding on.”

John Tree’s best looking products are not always born from a strict focus on aesthetic, as he tells us: The best looking things often seem to emerge when I am problem solving rather than when I am trying to make something “look good”. Consistently balancing function with an unapologetic willingness to experiment with new materials is what sets John apart, with his next output, a coloured carbon fibre light, allowing an exploration of size without the penalty of weight.

John wants to pass his unrestricted approach to design onto future designers: ‘students need to understand and explore the boundaries of what all the incredible factories in the far east can do’. In an industry where talent is twofold an appreciation of innovation is vital in ensuring the process of creation is respected across all industries.

A look into John’s future projects shows that he is staying true to his own advice. As well as the Carbon Light he’s developing an office chair that needs no adjustment.

Check out John’s website here, and his Side Slab Table available to buy through Infinite Objects below.

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