Falling for Failing Flora – Rosie Lee

Falling for Failing Flora – Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee is a creative agency that’s worked on campaigns for the likes of NikeUniqlo and Virgin Media, and in locations around the world, including Shanghai, Los Angeles and Qatar. We also happen to run Infinite Objects.

Back when this store was known as the Rosie Lee Shop – a slightly less original name, we’re happy to admit – we designed a series of homeware products that formed our very first collection. Marked by the colours of autumn, the Failing Flora range aimed to capture the fragility of our home nation’s plant life as it struggles with the harsh and unforgiving weather that defines the British climate.

The mugs, trays and aprons that made up the selection have since come to typify life at Rosie Lee, and are a familiar sight to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. Even though we’ve since opened new offices (3 times!), Failing Flora products still sit pride of place in the kitchens of every location.

In reprinting the collection, we’re trying to make reference to the journey we have taken as a business and as a creative entity, and sharing the designs we’re so fond of with an audience who may have missed out first time round. It means we get to replace the mugs that we’ve smashed, stained and lost along the way too.

Shop the products here.

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