Folklore and Fish Socks with Nikkie Wester

Folklore and Fish Socks with Nikkie Wester

“Textile products must induce the user to be touched and therefore to be loved.” – Nikkie Wester

Amsterdam based designer Nikkie Wester draws inspiration from a somewhat unusual source – folklore. Take for example her Fiske Fisk socks, hand knitted in Bulgaria using the finest wool. Whilst researching Dutch folklore alongside the fishing history of Holland Nikkie stumbled across an old photo of her grandfather and his friend as children, taking inspiration from her studies she proceeded to draw Fish socks on the pair, the sketch made her laugh and that was enough for an idea to be born.

A fascination with the antiquity of textiles combined with an interest in innovation and quality dictates Nikkie’s creative process. Initial illustrations are combined with physical prototypes and then layered with relevant reference imagery. Together the elements determine the patterns, textures, atmosphere, colours and shapes which ultimately finalise the designs.

Yet what is most unique about her products is not the cultural heritage behind the designs nor the unusual approach, but the motivation in the process: modern objects designed with the user’s wellbeing in mind, as she tells us “my products are conceptual yes, but are designed to be playful and to create a smile” – in an age of self importance and pretence such consideration is refreshing.

There’s a new collection on the horizon although we’re unable to share much detail, only that the subject is African Voodoo, and if previous work is anything to go by we can’t wait to see how this will materialise.

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