Hatchet + Bear: Playground of Interests

Hatchet + Bear: Playground of Interests

‘Humans are complicated things and have tendencies to complicate the world around them. A utensil should do it’s job – anything beyond that is in the eye of the beholder.”
– EJ Osborne

Frome based Hatchet + Bear was born of a commitment to two interests that on the surface do not seem obviously compatible —forestry and product design— however in starting H+B EJ Osborne built what he describes as a ‘playground’, a space where he was free to experiment and build on his own terms.

H+B’s ethos centres on simplicity and a connection with the materials and the results speak for themselves; hand-carved from local wood every product is entirely unique and an ode to the land from which it came. Rather than the identity of the source tree being erased it is celebrated with knots, anomalies and dramatic grain swirls on full display, therefore becoming part of the product’s life too. As EJ tells us ‘There’s no point in making something from a beautiful tree, if you can’t experience that tree in the thing I’ve made.’

Amongst the complexity of modern design H+B’s appreciation for function and simplicity has not gone unnoticed as a visit to the website will reveal. Each product is produced in limited numbers according to the resources available, and with no rigid re-stock plan in place re-runs occur only as and when the moment feels right, a holistic design strategy which ensures every single output is given the attention and care it deserves.

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