In the wonderful world of Annu Kilpeläinen

In the wonderful world of Annu Kilpeläinen

Sunlight, trips and relationships are what influence Annu Kilpelainen the most. The world her art imagines has a fairytale quality to it and is one everybody must surely wish to be a part of.

Annu’s art is a physical reflection of her own surroundings and feelings, so naturally we wanted to know how she hopes it’ll make others feel: “Anything really….we all view life differently through our memories and experiences, so for example different colour combinations can raise nostalgic feelings of a sunset or (even) a certain breakfast cereal. I think the main thing is to feel something.”

The consistencies in her work are quite noticeable: waterfalls, flowers, bikinis, and obviously colours – all the direct result of her ‘on-the-road’ lifestyle. In recent years Australia in particular has had a massive impact on Annu’s perception of colour; she told us that relocating quite literally altered her perception of the sun. However her family and childhood also heavily influence what we see today: Annu’s grandfather ran a flower shop which explains the regular flora feature, and her other grandparents owned a farm, adding weight to the influential power of nature.

Annu is now back in London after a year in Australia and a brief stint in Finland. She told Infinite Objects she’d love to collaborate with people from different fields of design – maybe music, science or even farming. Regardless of what her next project is we’re certain it’ll be as eye catching as all that has come before, and will no doubt encourage us to embark on new trips of our own.

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