Punkt. Switching On to Switching Off

Punkt. Switching On to Switching Off

In an age of relentless notifications and limited attention spans, Punkt. champions the reconsideration of our relationship with technology. The Swiss brand was established by Petter Neby with the idea of refreshing the consumer electronics market with outstanding, timeless products that are designed to do their job without intruding on their owner’s time and attention.

Their flagship mobile phone, the MP01, stands at the helm of this digital detox movement. Created by renowned product designer Jasper Morrison, it is an ode to style, simplicity, and clarity. It makes calls and sends texts. That’s all.

The alternative to the smartphone has previously left a lot to be desired for those who yearn for a life less connected. Punkt. offer a commitment to escapism with no design compromises.

Of course, work and technology are now so co-dependant that it would be unrealistic to assume that the MP01 can exist as everyone’s sole communication tool. Punkt. recommend using it alongside your do-it-all smartphone – their ethos is not anti-computer, but pro-balance, and hope that by switching to MP01s after work we can all learn to adopt good habits for a less distracted life. 

Rosie Lee/Infinite Objects’ collaboration with Punkt. is long-standing, and we stand by their passion for accomplished and user-friendly design. As an agency, our campaign to launch the MP01 was awarded Best Poster Design at the 2016 Design Week Awards.

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