The Crew in Blue: Introducing Cerulean Crew

The Crew in Blue: Introducing Cerulean Crew

“We make anything we’re interested to use, wear or collect”.

There’s no doubt that Cerulean Crew’s wares are made with a personal interest in mind. London based Jowey Roden and Sarah Mei’s particular appreciation for well designed objects is evident — inspired by their daily lives and surroundings, their products exude a real sense of authenticity, a genuine feeling that comes from nostalgic obsessions, current interests and areas of their lives they’d like to see improved.

The duo’s name, and Sarah’s favourite colour, Cerulean exists as the main aesthetic principle of the brand — an obsession that helped define their vision from an early stage.

The aesthetic of the word itself is what caught Jowey’s attention. He explained to Infinite Objects how it’s always resonated with him that Kaws chose his name based upon the form of the letters together. As Sarah told us: “It lends well to pretty much any type treatment and we’ve had fun playing around with hand lettering and crafting type.

With the initial series running low we were curious as to what to expect in Series 2: all we know at this stage is we can expect it to be blue, original and once again limited edition.

The process is much as you’d expect, an idea, a concept, a sketch — but it is the motivation that separates Sarah and Jowey from the crowd. Making purely for the sake of making, bringing — as they so eloquently put it — power to those that make.

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