The Future is Funky for the Fellas

The Future is Funky for the Fellas

Like many successful brands Funky Fellas was born from personal desire. After returning from travelling and finding himself immersed in a corporate dress code, FF founder Marek wanted to stand out amongst the sea of grey, and socks seemed the only platform for self expression.

There’s more to the brand than colourful, unusual socks. Each design stems from an illustration, each illustration tells a story and each story shares a purpose – as Marek tells us: it’s a trigger to the imagination, we can all relate to the icons on the socks: the sky, the sea, a piece of fruit – yet they all evoke wildly different memories between customers. What’s most striking about the process is the illustrations come before product design, as Marek tells us ‘’I don’t tell the story, I draw it’’.

Despite the lighthearted name there is real consideration behind the brand. The business is committed to quality, shown by their choice of manufacturer in Turkey. The products are handmade and there is a real commitment to ensuring a happy workforce . The company is driven by a desire to create and enjoy, personified in their missions statement: Be small, be good – and do something cool, a somewhat refreshing attitude in the cut-throat world of fashion.

With the brand growing a new collection is on the horizon, Marek has not given much away but you can be assured it’ll be just as Funky as the first. Check out the Spacepa socks below and be sure to follow the brand as it progresses.

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